How common drugs concentrate in breast milk | CAFFEINE, CANNABIS, ALCOHOL, NICOTINE

Much of what a mother puts into her body gets into the breast milk she produces. Smoking decreases beneficial nutrients in breast milk such as omega-3 fatty …


  1. Nothing you have said is wrong, but I just feel worried that it comes across quite scarily and might put someone off from breastfeeding. Yes nicotine increases the risk of SIDS compared with someone who doesn't smoke and still breastfeeds, but if a smoking mother hears that and feels unable to stop smoking she may decide she is safer not breastfeeding her baby. I believe it is still safer for a baby to be breastfed by a mother who smokes than to be formula fed in terms of risks of SIDS? As I say, it worries me that this sort of headline might put a mother off breastfeeding, thinking formula is a lower risk option.

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