How CANNABIS Ruins your LIFE? HILARIOUS Anti-Cannabis Video For High Schoolers

How CANNABIS Ruins your LIFE!? HILARIOUS Anti-Cannabis Video Focusing on High School • Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The Let’s Talk …


  1. Morning, your take on this propaganda film was excellent. Notice how they used the Adam and Eve theme as the female is the one who brought down all the evil then she took the vulnerable guy to the den of Alphas. Also nobody was laughing or smiling and that is where I definitely would call BS. I would say if a teen is drawn towards cannabis, they should talk to somebody about medical cannabis. And maybe start with broad spectrum CBD oil. I think I'll make a film about my first experience in high school. It was pretty excellent. I was fourteen, was the first person to graduate in my family, went on to run circles around people. Thank you for educating the world. It's desperately needed. 💚💨💥

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