1. I understand cancer as our bodies own healing system that went wrong and/or incomplete. Cells created to heal an organ are incomplete and/or have the wrong DNA info. If the body does not kill them via the immune system with macrophage or by Apoptosis (cell self disassembly) then those cancer cell are falsely recognised as good cells by the body which start supplying nourishment via blood vessels and the tumor starts to grow. A group of cells growing unable to fulfill its original purpose which is to heal an organ, yet it is able to survive on its own and grow and metastise. I think the 1. key element to cure cancer is to support our bodies to create healthy cells at the first place so they can fulfill their purpose and heal organs properly. So supplement the body with all constituents of cell generation like lipids omega3:6 for cell membrane for example and all other constituents for DNA reproduction. This step alone (to my understanding and limited knowledge) can cure cancer. The 2. Step is to rid the body of incomplete cells/cancer Cells, if cannabinoid help the body recognize which cells need to be disassembled via a process called Apoptosis, then I could understand how it helps rid the body of cancer cells but does it help create healthy new Cells? The first step alone to supplement the body with proper constituents for cell production is even more crucial, just destroying bad cells alone isn't sufficient. Probably is why chemotherapy fall short as well, they do kill bad cells but does not helps new healthy cell creation. I do understand how cannabinoid helps neurological diseases (post synaptic signal to pre synaptic neuron to modulate neurotransmitters release) but I do not understand how cannabinoid helps trigger Apoptosis process. And if it does, support of healthy cell production still is crucial otherwise it would fall short many times like chemotherapy. I compare this whole process to a factory line where let's say cellular phones are built, if there are not enough parts to build the phone (software and casing) , the phones coming out of the production line will be incomplete. Now just destroying or disassembling the incomplete phones isn't enough, all the parts needed has to be provided in the first place in order to create complete functioning phones at the end of the production line.

  2. We the people MUST stand as a united front against any and all who would prevent free unencumbered,unfettered,100% total access to Cannabis in all its varied forms and strains.
    Any politician who would hinder the free proliferation of cannabis/hemp should be FIRED and brought back to the state from which they hail and discharged of their duties!
    We cannot afford these "fence riders" any longer as cancer is killing far too many of our loved ones and Cannabis is the answer to many ills,not just cancer but it does CURE cancer!
    Our Creator Father God gave the Cannabis plant to mankind for our health and well being and we cannot allow the FDA or any other government agency to regulate or control cannabis.
    These bastards are bought and sold like a three dollar whore by the corporations who's profits are being harmed by cannabis and those corporations who want to control every aspect of cannabis like Monsanto,who is one of the worst corporations on this planet as to the harm they have caused to mankind by their products!
    We MUST collectively stand and fight back against government or corporations who would rob us of this wondrous plant.

  3. NO! Lets leave Big Phama out of it..they are nothing but a cartel wanting to make $$$..theyre synthetic version wont be the same…they have lobbied for years to keep it a schedule 1 knowing how medicinal cannabinoids are.

  4. Trust me when I say this… the drug companies would go broke if cancer was cured….they would be stuck with weight loss pills and high blood pressure shit…. pain killers is their bread and butter and it is a huge part of our economy and they have some of the largest and highest paid lobbying groups in Washington…..

  5. This is exactly why it was made illegal. It works too well and anyone can grow it causing a massive financial loss to the "drug" manufacturers. The free plant works better than the harmful toxic crap the doctors sell.
    Personally its illegal so even if it works its not worth ending your life in a cage.

  6. America has funded Israeli Cannabis research for over 50 years. Israel is the World leader in Cannabis research. Raphael Mechoulam was the person that discovered THC in 1964. The UNITED STATES knows Cannabis cures cancer, that is why it is ILLEGAL!

  7. I cannot understand why major cancer institutes are not conducting further research on this line of defence against this disease. Cancer is not one disease, it is many. It is caused by many different factors. Some cancers are due to inherited genetic faults (as in breast cancer) and other due to exposure to damaging radiation or toxins within food or the air we breathe. My father developed primary liver cancer (which killed him in the most horrific fashion) because he worked in a chemical factory in the 60s mixing up batches of bleach and other toxic chemicals without any protective clothing or masks.

    There is currently great hope in the area of immunotherapy for all cancers however immunotherapy may not always work with some cancers…hepatoma being one of them. A drug which has all the properties of eradicating rogue cell division, destroying the development of rogue blood supplies to tumours and the metastatic actions of rogue cells has not yet been found. It is like the elusive holy grail. If natural THC is the magic bullet then further mainstream research must be done to establish its efficacy, dosages and range of use. It is no good for governments to sit on their hands to await drug companies getting involved. They won't because they can't patent the stuff…there's no money in it. If only ten percent of the funds donated annually around the world in the fight against cancer were directed to the research of cannabinoids then I'd be willing to bet that the many diseases we know as "cancer" may finally be curable or turned into controllable chronic conditions.

    The anecdotal evidence is compelling and I for one, if told I had a poor cancer prognosis would not hesitate in trying this treatment. The fact that governments block its use and that medical associations similarly throw scorn on the research thus far speak of an entrenched medical establishment that needs to change…to go back to its roots. Penicillin would not have developed so quickly if it wasn't for the risk-taking by Florey and others to test it on patients who, otherwise, had no hope. People need to have the right to direct that experimental therapy can be used when conventional therapies are no longer efficacious. It's that simple!

  8. Do you really think that Big Pharma is willing to slit it's own throat???  They'd lose BILLIONS on what they call "Cancer Research" while all the while cures have been known and covered up for decades!!

  9. when will the world wake f**king up and legalize this wonderful plant, I just watched a child who was suffering 300-400 seizures a week and now lives a normal life thanks to high c.b.d. cannabis…the naysayers need to look at the research information with open minds, not the bullshit that was embedded in the public consciousness for the past 70-80 years

  10. The truth is very obvious, big pharma makes money off cancer patients. giving them medication that only stabilize the cancer not kill them and which also have tons of side effects, so they have to take other medication to take care of the side effects. Why put money into studies that will stop their income? Same reason why the FDA is banning Vaping Products, big tobacco is losing money which means big government is losing money. Less people getting cancer from tobacco cigarettes means big pharma also loses money. It's a circle of death, our Government does not care about our health, just our money.

  11. Three years ago I was diagnosed liver cancer and then treated with resection , the tumor came back in two months after resection, then I was treated with TACE and drugs like Sorafenib, the cancer still grow slowly and turmor marker AFP up to about 100 , MR showed there're about 10-20 tumors inside my liver, desperately  I combined Sorafenib with cannabis, after 6 -7 months,  my tumor marker AFP drop from 100 to 1, now I back to work again and feel like a normal man, thanks to  these videos. Drop me a mail if you want to know more, it will be my pleasure to help people.

  12. at 4:23 or so Paul Armentano did not answer the question at all. US pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure cancer but prefer people to suffer and spend $$$ on their medications so these companies can profit. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT CANCER CAN BE CURED. Other countries like Spain are far ahead in cancer research and here in USA we the pubblic even donate to cancer research and they don't even know about cannabis curing cancer so why should we keep donating to them? Don't they attend international research symposiums?

  13. People need to realize, that here in the U.S., a bill was not passed to just research the potential benefits of marijuana. Pharmacutical companies have so much control over our politicians. They don't even want cannibis to be researched. Which is why Big Pharma donates millions to election campaigns. Politicians say "Fuck the people's health, I'll take the money" Let one of there loved ones go through chemotherapy!

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