1. I wish everyone had a vlog, it would be so nice if you could go back in a file and learn about everyone in your life. It's been fun getting to know how you got your start and am excited to see whats next.

  2. This is not my style of informational video.  This reminds me of one of those boring European tour videos.  I don't plan on plowing through it to get information that could have been presented in 2 or 3 minutes.  

  3. Hey Ben! My most recent achievement is probably learning Spanish/teaching English to an Argentinean oap who has just arrived in England, aside from that, I've just landed a job @ my local healthfood shop, not really an achievement since they were the ones who called me and offered me a job, still lovley though! Your vids inspire me to get the most out of life, I hope to thank you personally one day! Keep rockin! X

  4. sad you lost your GoPro, I really liked your kayaking-shots. Will you be purchasing a new?

    I've not achieved much in the past week, but graduated high school a couple of weeks ago! Last week I went to a huge music festival here in Denmark (Roskilde Festival) and I listened to different music and had fun – drank a lot of beer :p now I'm just enjoying my summer holiday and the weather, which is lovely at the moment 😀

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