This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! I show the process of how to reveg a cannabis plant and clone. I also go over the closet grow flower room and show …


  1. Just curious if everyone is liking the new video format? If you have a questions, please drop it down. I always spend time answering everyone so please don't hesistate to ask.

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  2. Great stuff man.. following your instruction, other than im using a super soil.. I have a question.. If I want clones and seedlings in my next run, Do I plant the seeds at the same time i take my cuttings for my clones? do you plant first or clone first?

  3. Hey Matt, I’m hoping you reply to this. If you had only 1 strain to grow, what would you chose as your #1 and #2? Looking to run some new herbs in the garden and your content is the bomb! So… who else would I ask?! Thanks in advance dude 🇨🇦💨💨💨

  4. a big shout out from New Zealand.
    have only just found your channel and loving it. Im just starting my journey of growing under lights. how ever i grow in homemade composting mixed with wormcastings . a very small cabinet. so how do i grow short plants with good buds

  5. Hey Canuck, love your content man. Question… can I grow out the clones I take off of my reveg plant or should I grow out and mother one of them then take clones????

  6. hey bro…i have a question for u…i see that u use gaia green amendments, however i find that that brand is a bit expensive…can i use another companys dry amendment with the same 3 numbers listed on the front ,will i be fine?

  7. Very informative, would you say that adding the dry nutrients in week 3 or 4 is ideal for most all strains, so nutrients aren’t still in their during flush/ harvest phase? Is top dressing in week 2 of flower then too Dress again in week 3 be too much nutrients, again just trying to to stay in line with the 5 week mark where nutrients are being used all up for harvest, thanks again great videos!

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