Here's the process of getting a Medical Marijuana card in Orlando, Florida

Go to to set up an appointment with our doctors to get your Medical Marijuana card in Florida. I sit down with one of the medical assistants …


  1. If you have the card and you operate heavy equipment you will be treated as regular employee. I have fired 3 people already. We need a way to detect if used during work hours. Before or after do what you do cause I am.

  2. The cards not worth getting till we get real mmj laws. Currently we have mmj for the 1% and no one else. The cost of the card alone is more then most people will spend on mj in a year. Corporations have bought the FL mmj market lock stock and barrel. Its shameful. Crazy high prices for crazy crappy herbs.

  3. I am interested in jobs with a card. Does use stop you from getting for a job interview. has the State of Florida done anything to protect the medical marijuana user from being discriminated on the job place.

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