Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil | The CBD Oil and Hemp Seed Oil Differences

Are you suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression? Curious about the benefits of CBD oil as a solution? In this video you will gain a better …


  1. A family member got "hemp oil" (thinking it was cbd) and then spent a year claiming CBD doesn't help them or do anything "it's all in your head".
    Then after that year they tried CBD drops and they now use it regularly saying they don't even need pain pills anymore.

  2. https://youtu.be/g6zT1CS2ndM
    Here is the true benefits hemp seed oil because he doesn’t know!… They are different from CBD but there are huge health benefits from hemp seed oil! You are NOT wasting your money!
    This guy is trying to sell you something so he has to try to degrade something else in order to do it and saw your page exorbitant prices for it!

  3. Sir you obviously have never taken a tablespoon of food grade organic hemp seed oil… I have and it does make me sleep and it does reduce my anxiety and relaxes me sooooo…
    And I don’t pay $69 for it! 😳
    It has omega-3’s or and omega six and 9 lignins and proteins it does help me and there are health benefits!

    Are you a nutritionist what is your designation to make you think you know everything because you don’t!

  4. Pet alleve CBD I use seems very good. I've seen the results of my cat. She actually had a bleeding lesion and now it's gone and the hair has grown back over it I still feel a lump there but it's way better than it was before and believe it or not pets Aleve is actually human grade so when I can afford it I buy it for myself to they seem to use their own strain grown in Washington organically but yeah the market is a f**** mess I'm working on making my own just weak

  5. Doctors envolved me arse what do they know about plants or any health food/medicine, they do minimal to ZERO nutrition in there Doctors degree, I do agree we need chemists and scientists which are in the trenches and know molecular structure and doing the research daily to push it on to the doctors well big pharma will have the last say as always it’s happening at the moment but agree with other parts of you’re vid

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