Hemp processing with Ethanol for CBD oils – VincentCorp CP6 screw press

VincentCorp Screw Press for Hemp Industry. Ethanol Recovery.


  1. Someone else used this similar press at 131psi..squeezed out even more.. hopefully this helps,The oil was thicker and darker.
    One more thing,they just added it without water.

  2. excuse the ignorance but if the ethanol is used to bind whats the point in the screw press>? isn't it just extracting moisture from the plant matter as well as the cbd, so wouldn't just some sives be just as good if not better at extracting the valuable oil with out added water and other content,.?

  3. You press while I centrifuge, and we will see who wins. It's not what you think because I have a 92% recovery extracting this way with canola oil for Cannabinoids. Using my technique I could pull all the oils out you left behind in that plant matter. I'd just need a much bigger centrifuge.

  4. We have over 12 machines going out this Summer to large scale facilities in the US, Spain, Canada, Africa capable of 1.5K lbs, 5K lbs and 16K lbs of dry flower processing per hour. Yes per hour. Some of our customers are growing over 10,000 acres this year. that is well over 12,000,000 lbs of dry flower that needs to be processed into CBD oil. It's a tall order and we helping them to get there.

  5. I just tried to respond to everyone. This was a first test of a machine that showed up the week before. It's all Stainless steel, a Food grade, C1 / D2 processing facility now.

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