HEMP CRATE CO Hempa the Explorer Pro Crate – CBD Edibles!

Disclaimer: Weed is legal for medicinal and recreational use for adults 21+ in my state of Michigan. I am an adult 21+ and this is in no way promoting the sale or …


  1. I’m really not sure what the difference is between CBD and Weed. As far as I know both have medicinal benefits, help with pain, anxiety, sleep, etc. so why pick 1 over the other? Thanks y’all!

  2. Cute, I call it sparkling and my 6 yrs old grand niece once ask me for glitter water. In my family everyone now asks me if I brought any glitter water when we get together. Too cute💖

  3. I use CBD for the pain and nausea associated with my stage 4 cancer, along with prescription drugs. We have a store here at home that gives cancer patients 50% off everything in the store, so that rocks. Im always looking for new things though. The Brother's Apothecary has teas, coffee, and hot chocolate that's amazing, and I heard about Haygood Farms from Chrissy and have tried some of their products (they have awesome customer service). I'll have to go back to Cratejoy and look at boxes now

  4. I’m not big on the edibles, I always seem to get a headache or they have a funky taste to me. I did have a delicious drink from one of the Hemp Crate boxes though! It smelled almost like an alcoholic beverage but it was so good & didn’t have an after taste. My daughter & I shared it & we both really enjoyed it! I was lucky a few months ago to get the one box for $13 plus $7 shipping. It’s nice they do that but it’s hard to get it unless you are online & get the email right away!

  5. I just got my very first Hempa the Explorer Starter box yesterday. I’m a regular “good stuff” smoker (lol) and use it for anxiety primarily. But, I’m so happy I got this subscription. Thank you so much for showing this, Chrissy!! Hugs 🤗

  6. I love all the different forms in this box I love cbd bit live in Louisiana and they are so behind in all of this just started getting a little in cigarette stores so I have been looking around so something love your channel

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