Harvesting Medical Marijuana 2 Drying & Curing .mpg

This is the second part to the harvesting Video. In the first video we cover harvesting. In this video we show you how to dry your buds and cover the important …


  1. Somebody correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the bacteria that cures/breaks down the left over chlorophyll anaerobic? Meaning without oxygen. So by burping and introducing “clean air” is only drying your buds faster while also killing the bacteria you want in the jar? Get the humidity to about 65% and don’t open the jar again

  2. Vacuum packing reduces the curing time 100%, so curing time is only one week…
    Huh? If vacuum reduces the curing time 100%, then there is no curing time. If you ate 100% of the pizza means all the pizza is gone.

  3. One example of what NOT to do. Vacuum seal them? How does this help the curing? No air in, No air out. What about the humidity? They need to dry slowly..you are sucking the flavor out of the buds.

  4. Afraid to tell u wanna bes down below that the bud u been buying…the kush…the dispensary medical marijuana….and non….is handled and dried and cured even…and shipped…with heat seal bags. A fact. U guys don't get that just some of the outside trichomes will be lost.but it'll also seal in and encapsulate the trichromes where they won't ever fall any more.where as fluffy shit will continue to lose a bit.its not like the shit just falls right off unless your bud is seriously over dried.just through the drying curing jarring bagging rebagging etc…u lose more and more if what u think is true.if so then as u bag and rebag etc..u would lose more if the bud is able to lose more.but when u compress bud down it locks in trichomes and they can't "fall off " or get stuck to the bags as ppl have bagged and rebagged your bud. Yes u lose the outside stickiness but u won't lose any more after that.if your bud is good then the most of it is within the bud not just on the outside.common sense ppl! Think! All the dispensary kush is heat sealed brainiacs.

  5. dont do this he just had a big hit of a meth pipe before making this. i tried this and when u open the bag its one huge bud that will never fluff out again it turns it into shit maybe do this if your buds are fluffy and fox tailed but nice bud dont do this

  6. The worst packaging for cannabis is food saver, weston, shield n seal and turkey bags. Trichome Agitation! You pop your "sugar crystals" when you vacuum that tight- this translates to terpene loss and degradation. Your comment about bacteria/mold is in accurate. You must have O2 level lower than 2%! Your machine does not meet these requirements. The worst thing for cannabis, besides the federal gov, is UV Light and Oxygen. You did not stop those elements from interacting with the flower. Plus, the plastic you are using is low density, low barrier film. This translates to higher oxygen transmission rates and off-gas; leaving your flower the quality of brick-weed. Sad.

  7. im fairly certain your bud is shit due to the way you dry, cure and burp…1 minute a day? f outa here. and u dont clip until that stem snaps clean off THEN you cure in the jar…and you burp a half hour TWICE a day. ur crazy bruh..i hope no one uses your method and instead researches from known growers tips cause you are doing some premature shit

  8. How long will the Alfalfa grassy smell stay before it starts turning Herby? My plan is to buy ball jars and drill holes in the top and put Schrader valves and use a professional HVAC vacuum pump to pump the air out I don't like using plastic bags unless I have to but how long will the smell go away

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