Harvest Marijuana Crop Before A Storm! (Harvesting Cannabis Part 1)

Timing marijuana harvest outdoors in Northern California takes some thought. More than an inch of rain will fall on this medical marijuana crop tonight.


  1. Feel free to check out my legal rec grow on my channel when you get a chance. Growers gotta support growers! I live in Oregon and I'm really trying to establish myself in the cannabis community and any support would be beyond appreciated.

  2. Hi George! Your plants are beautiful considering you were away 2 months you've must have just left around beginning of THC/Turpines/flushing stage. BTW that weird plant "BLUE DREAM" is my favorite which makes a very high content of THC sticky icky aroma and taste is yummi sure gets your day going and productive.

    Thank you for all the education and great videos. I love your work and I appreciate you mucho mucho.

  3. Beautiful plants Jorge Your bible of the medical cultivator helped me a lot, thanks for passing on your knowledge. 👍🔝
    It is available in amazon in Spanish language  English not available I already have it 🙂 bought on growbarato

    thanks for all Jorge

  4. @Jorge Been waiting for this one. Cool, thanks for posting. I don’t think you mentioned the volunteers? Would be nice to put a hoop house up over your garden beds and just cover them when it rains. It’s shame to have to harvest early just for rain.

    Hope things are well there Jorge. Hope you’re not getting exposed to a bunch of fluorine and aluminum and hope you don’t end up with Alzheimer cause I don’t want to see anyone get that and because people will be blaming the weed for anything that happens to you, I’m sure. Don’t cook with aluminum dude. Don’t let the dentist put those white colored fluoro-aluminum filling in your teeth either. I wonder how much weed absorbs fluorine from soil and water? The tea plant absorbs a ton, like a gallon’s worth of treated water in one cup. And anything that’s in your weed goes to the lung and directly to the brain? Seems like a bad idea to use aluminum to process and smoke weed too.

    Just say no to alcohol and denial.

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