1. I went harvest. For first time FL flower. I really like Trulieve flower. I’m going back to Trulieve when I need more. I think Trulieve is more pricier yet better quality. Am I wrong? Neat sheaf. Sounds like a good deal. Though.

  2. What up…. Toking on some forum cut cookies flower coming in at 24% and new strain called Durban Margy flower coming in believe 21% at MUV,, MUV by me got new delivery and shipment in on Wednesday and very very good too nice strains. Taste wise very awesome can taste what you smoking on and toking in which is always good. Love MUV and also love Rise..my favorite two dispensarys to hit and go too mostly only. No harvest tho anywhere close in Tampa Bay so cannot hit harvest and try them out which sucks. Nice vid tho and haul as well. I also just got some space bomb flower too here today at Trulieve was $33 coming in at 21% as well good stuff. Space bomb not listed at all on there site which is odd but they have it and have to go to the store directly and see what they have in then the site it self. But good shit and love my MUV flower so good. Keepn on toking all!!!!!!

  3. I was very tempted to take advantage of their promotional offer, but after my experience with their [very] poor quality flower products I have decided to pass. However, I'm on my way to MUV right now because my local store just dropped four new strains!

  4. I'm not crazy about Harvest. I got some Florida's Gift and it was really dry and flavorless. Their carts are also no good IMHO. Lastly I cant figure out why they sell herbal vaporizers for 50-100% more than all other stores both local head shops and online. They want $324 for a Pax 3!! $528 for a S&B Mighty !! Enjoy your fanny pack though lol.

  5. I still got a lil puck yeah left. Got a eighth of mandarin dream at 24% cant wait to try. I ordered 2 more going to pick up today.$43 They still had some😁 great reviews on that if like indicas. Harvest looks like curaleafs stuff. Its a lil cheaper😏. Hope things are well tim

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