Harrison Jordan Interview – Canadian Cannabis Legalization Laws Pt. 1

In the first part of our interview with Lawyer-in-training and Cannabis Law writer / advocate Harrison Jordan we dive into Cannabis VS. Alcohol impairment for …


  1. is this dude stupid? why is he so angry about using the alcohol system as a template?
    its just like introducing new food… then he is upset that we want to apply the current grocery store template to the new food distribution. does he not understand the concept of templates? he seems to think a template is a finished product rather than a rough outline…

  2. Here is the real reason for the persecution of Marijuana and Marijuana users, period. God made the herb for the service of man, of which there are several references within the Bible a.k.a. "The Word of God". You will never received a more direct message than that. This system that is currently in place is a devil worshipping system, build upon everything God detests and tells us is abomination. Make no mistake, God gave man free choice, so all the FUCKery (Fornicating Under the Crown of the King) going on is man's problem and fault, so do not be ignorant and disregard the Truth. God is the only one keeping this world from completely destroying itself. They have gone so far as to conduct mass persecution of all those who follow the True spirituality of God's instruction through all history and they continue even today. God tells us that consummation of this particular herb Marijuana is a Holy Sacrament. This is why it is fought down. It has healing properties that will overpower and correct the majority of the health issues those in power "legally" create in order to sell your/whore you out, for their personal gain and profit. Herb is for the healing of the Nations. The western religions of today are white-washed watered down version of the Truth mixed with any and all lies that were convenient to help create and thus setup this Shitstem we currently live in.

    Do not believe me? Here are some more interesting facts they lie to us about that are all confirmed by God's word.

    The earth is stationary and established that it cannot be moved. This debunks the whole heliocentric lie. The earth is not spinning every which way at thousands of km/m, etc.

    The earth was first made by the creation of the firmament to separate the waters above heaven from the waters below heaven. This is important because it tells us that there is no "space" but only waters, both above the earth and below the earth. How is the hell did they pass through the firmament (unbreakable and unpassable) and the whole of the earth did not flood again? This is a another massive lie so they can extort millions to billions for "space programs", which basically the majority of those funds end up in their own personal coffers. Why do they spend millions to billions on satellites when they do no even orbit the earth as we have been lied to, but instead are used for spying on the whole of the world. This is also what is fuelling a massive arms race, since whoever has the highest/best vantage point theoretically can be warned in advance and even allow for the destruction of enemy satellites as a means to destroy their capabilities and interrupt their communications line.

    There is no gravity. Isaac Newton is a liar and even mentioned that gravity was a hoax of a theory. It is simply density that causes denser objects to fall/lower and less dense objects to rise/raise up. It this was not true then an airplane could not fly. It is the lift created by a strong constantly moving currently of less dense material that allows for overcoming this density barrier.

    All of today's technology comes not from so called "white" civilization, but was stolen from the ancients, mostly of out Egypt. They hide the fact that they stole this information over many years, largely by way of the Nazi regime that was put in place by the bankers. They learned of the Truths and sought to rob the world of the true knowledge that allowed for the flourishment of the human population upon earth in harmony with nature. Now they control your food, your water, the clothing you wear, where you can live (location/housing), your education (degenerative learning by way of miseducation), and even dictate what your rights will be at their pleasure. Everything they do is against the natural creation God created, and it is only now that some are starting to wake up to the Truth of the matter. All of the worlds issues are plainly due to man and not God. If man does not learn to take responsibility of the situation he finds himself in now, he will be destroyed because that is the status quo of those in power in these times, much like in the past. They have gotten clever at hiding the Truth and manipulating every circumstance they can. They were given huge budgets to do so in previous generations and now that same knowledge has been used as an offensive weapon against the people instead of used to defend the people. The destructive ways of this world will not cease until man puts an end to it himself and fixes his own dam problems.

    The true reality is now that all of this artificial living the "modern world" has become so habituated to must all go. Our knowledge has been misapplied and is creating all the issue we now face. Not once in history has the world faced so many problems and there is a direct link to the behaviour of people in these times. Only when we allow nature to self maintain itself will things start to improve. Man meddling with the natural is like a disease in the body. Man cannot begin to help nature until even understands that like the human body, the earth is self sustaining. A simple example is the use of concrete, which man has paved far too much to the point where water no longer circulates in the manner required to sustain the earths natural systems. This leads to massive flooding in areas where naturally there should never be flooding. Water also delivers the natural DC electircity to the earth and when hampered has obvious effects. Just think about how well a human can function when not receiving all that the body requires. How much of your potential can you reach under such circumstances. Without food for three weeks can you still run a marathon? Pull a full days labour laying bricks? Remain calm in the face of extreme challenges? Etc, etc.

    I may have covered many subjects in this comment but they are all related. One must only do the math to see them add up.

  3. This entire scam is exactly that. Federal governments allowed for the illegal black market which they helped supply and allowed to take root for their own profits. Now they make "legal" unnatural substances that sell "legally" that are 100X more dangerous and harmful for all human consumption. They only reason they are attempting to "legalize" is so their bottom line increases, since they have already robbed the country of the majority of its wealth. They do not care about the public or what the public wants. They lie straight to your face and are never held accountable. This is a direct attack on the public which provides these criminals in suits everything they have. It should be considered treason, given they allow more harmful substances to be sold and distributed for human consumption, except they made it "legal" so their "death care system" can extract even more wealth from because the populous is consuming elements that it was never intended to. There is no health care system even, since they do no cure anything, but only treat you for an expensive fortune. Everything in today's world comes down to money and power and might. The majority of these criminals posing as "upstanding citizens" are only able to attain money and some power. People should not be surprised this happened as the people allowed for it to happen by keeping their mouths shut when it began, because they got a small hand out. Too bad their handouts are always recollected by way of taxes, that only the middle and lower classes really pay for, as evidenced by the fact a majority of the wealthiest companies operating in Canada avoid paying taxes and it was made "legal".

  4. What is a nano gram? well is is 0.000000"000". What is in the parentheses is what falls in the nano gram vs just grams. Because the next 3 would fall in the micro gram 0.000"000" and then milligram would be 0."000". Example 100 nano gram, would be 0.000000"100" gram. So their 0.8 nano gram would be 0.000000"000"8 gram.

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