1. One question. I have auto gelato and I they germinated already. I want to put them in their first and last pot. My local garden center sells FFOF, I’m thinking of buying it and placing the seed in it and water it and leave it outside. Will it be ok and grow without any issues?

  2. I just bought at tent and everything including including this soil. I’m super excited to get this going. Only thing I’m still unsure on is in the veg state do you feed AND give them pure water or JUST feed nutrients? Also out of 1 gallon of feed how much of that would you use a week for one plant?

  3. Just started my first grow using ocean forest with spring and distilled water. I plan on using minimal nutrients about the middle of veg(week 5/6). Im using 5 gallon air pots. Do you see any possible issues with this method?

  4. Hey really appreciate the time you took to answer my question I have one more question I made my own CO2 out of sugar water and yeast, I run a small air stone into the bottle and I have a hose coming out with a valve spraying on top of my plants, my question is recently my concoction has started smelling like beer is that normal? And or how do I know when to change my concoction to a new batch? Thank you so much for your time

  5. I got a question I got a Mars 300 I have a 45 watt that's just Reds and blues and I have six CFLs I know I can't turn them all on at once because I'll fry my plants I've done it already but they came back what's a good light combination for flowering for what I have? Thanks for any info. Taco

  6. Follow the grow boss if you want you shit to blow the fuck up! Your using too many nutrients brother! And the dark leaves and purple stems are magnesium deficiency. The top problems are too many nutrients, too much light and over watering. How are your grows going nowadays? You still growing?

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