Growing Marijuana Under T5 Fluorescents – Whats in your tent?

There are many lighting options for indoor growing at home. LEDs sets are becoming increasing less expensive and better quality. HIDs are excellent for yield …


  1. If you think a T5 is in the same league as a LED especially the ones with the new Samsung LM301 B or H diodes you are just miss informed and you could have got a decent blurple, made in China led for a little more than what you got in that T5 and you would have better quality smoke but I can't believe you think that T5 is going to produce like a led 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I use a 400W Hps I've had a very hard time growing since I moved to Alabama. I used to live in Sacramento that's where I grew up. But now I can't even get seeds delivered or anything. So I'm stuck with having these shit ass bag seeds and I could only find two. Legit two seeds. Dunno if I've got make or female yet I'm almost 100% I've got one male and one female. Do you by chance know where I can find some good seeds that would deliver to a state that does not recognize cannabis as medical or recreationally acceptable? I appreciate any advice I can get. I've grown for so long. I feel so lost without it.

  3. Beautiful update. Great job doing LST creating a wider canopy. I wish I could take one of the clones you made but I don't live in California. Bummer man. But anyways they look great and your t5 set up is impressive to say the least. Love that you put them so close to the light. Looking forward to viewing your next video.

  4. I have a 1000 watt MH / hps capable ballast with dimmable settings down to 600 watts.. I really like the fact I can dim it to control heat if need be sometimes my vent fan doesn't seem to keep the temp down enough. If it's on 1000 there's nothing I can do except keep every door wide open and even then I'm still pushing almost 80 degrees.. I like to do metal halide in veg and then switch when they go into flour to the HPS

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