Growing Marijuana OUTDOORS in Toronto – 2020 Grow . Ep.1

This is my 4th time growing Marijuana, and will be my most experimental thus far! I want to achieve the best results with potency, yield, and overall look and …


  1. This is awesome! I am from Toronto too. I am going to watch all you vids and subscribe to support your youtube channel. Please show us how you will grow throught out winter and how you grow with this heat alert. I am currently growing aswell just a beginner just to smoke us for myself.

  2. This is great your about 2 weeks ahead of me and live in my region(Hamilton). Im using the exact same food. I can see your results and adjust from there. This isgreat. Thanks for sharing. Keep growing.

  3. great video! I live near London Ontario. Just a word of caution though. I had 15 growing 2 weeks ago and they were at there 2nd to 3rd set of leaves already. I go to water them in the morning and a F#$&ing rodent had eatin ALL of them, leaving only the leaves behind. So be carefull. it is very rare to have a mouse in my house and I did get him 2 days after. I now keep mine in a small aerated green house until I put them outside. – Pete

  4. Add some And unsulphured organic molasses usually you can get it at most grocery stores for about 7 or $8 or a 32 oz use that through your flowering. What size containers will you be putting them and outside

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