Growing Cannabis with Tyler: 12/12 (forced budding process) has begun

Today I put Titties, Jane, & #4 in the tent on a 12/12 light cycle. Within the next 3 to 4 weeks they should start flowering. Let’s see what happens. Subscribe for …


  1. Wow… your clueless.

    Dude… you need to stop your bullshit experaments. You need to stop fuck in with those plants too. Take 8 or 10 clones of those plants, so your sitting on 30 or so clones… once they show sex you'll know what ones to kill off then veg and bloom the remainder that fit, contine with life.

    All that fuck in around will make sure your looking at 10 vegging plants and nothing in the bud room. Your whole life is probably one half way proposal after another. You need your fuck g friend to bud them cause you can't hold you own dick.


  2. hi my plants are in 12 /12 cycle when it starts to bud can I put it outside and it will continue to bud ?  harvested 4 auto grow to easy lol want to do regulars

  3. the 12 12 cycle is correct but it needs 2 more things, 2700k and nutrients that have high concentration of phosphorus. I use Flora Nova bloom for flowering and Flora Nova grow for veg. also pull your herm

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