Growing Cannabis with Root Farm Nutrients

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  1. Question: I have my set up going and noticed my first harvest didn’t develop a great root system. I bought some Pure Essentials root enhance. Should I use the root enhance on the clones until have a solid root system, then switch to veg supplements? Or should I use the root enhance and veg from the beginning? Or should I use root enhance from the rooting phase throughout the entire veg phase? Thanks!

  2. Hey I'm in the middle of a grow right now and have been using your posted nutrient schedule so far. I've got some PPM and EC charts saying that for flowering stage I should be close to 900-1000 ppm for nutrients and close to 2.0 EC. I mixed the nutes according to your chart and it's only around 580 ppm and 1.25 EC. Have you had great success with your posted schedule or have you upped your PPM since posting?

  3. Just curious if anything is different for Outdoors? I have 2 plants growing as of now – I used part 1 for both, and just switched over to part 2 for one of them – the other I will be just using water moving forward. Not really experienced – I grew my first last year using only water (I should add that last yeat and this year I used miracle Grow all purpose potting soil).

  4. Hey man, Have you used any other root farm products for growing cannabis? I'm currently growing 4 plants hydroponically using two of the root farm recirculating DWC system. I'm curious if anyone has tried it out before? There is very little on the internet about people using rootfarm products to grow cannabis! so, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Thanks bro I was wondering about this stuff to. I had potassium deficientcy recently and picked up part 2 veggie as cannibus uses similar nutes as tomato plants. I mixed with the other nutes I was using and literally over night it was better. So I picked up base aswell but you are using the bloom and veggie one with lettuce on front of bottle. Did you find you needed all of these nutes 🤔 as i am germinating some green Cush (green crack) thanks to snoop d ol double g lol how are your babies turning out🤔 I agree with the super concentrated comment you made on em. Nice video liked and subbed ✌️😎 respect ✊

  6. Can you use these nutrients by themselves with out always mixing with part 1 base ? I dont see how it would be great for flower/bloom stage since the base part 1 always adds 4 nitrogen and you want basically 0 nitrogen at bloom.

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