1. Seriously Lovin' in her eyes is one of the best growers of all time. Her pictures on IG are ridiculously amazing! I've been trying to search the internet for a girl journals on forms or anything on her technique I'm glad I ran across this video.

  2. Wow she even talks with a "passionately stoned" tone of voice. Great talk although I think that part of being passionate about the culture and industry also includes being a patron and finding a way to support other very hardworking passionate groups. Shutting out the retail portion all together is def a choice I guess when you are self sufficient. I say this In the least micro aggressive way possible lol .

  3. I heard the part about some people are happy denial about their grows. So many people on ig begging for compliments when what your seeing is all the corners they cut and lack of planning. I grew up tuff only being told what I did wrong. I can cop anyone's harsh judgement if it's actually real ya improve quick that way.

  4. I think this chicks got something on the women taking good care of their plants. I've only really met two women growers and I can say they grow some of the best bud I've smoked up in the PWN.

  5. If you are testing something and then if it doesn’t work you try something else and it works and then choose the method or products that work then you are by definition doing science😂😂😂😂 she may not know she is but that’s the reason your bud is killer.

  6. Love the show, very much enjoyed the guest. She sounds like a awesome person. It would be so cool to learn more about her grow and her relationship with the wounderful plant we all love.👊👍✌💚💨

  7. Hello you handsome fried stoners. I was watching another cannabis creator on YouTube and the one dude had a man bun. For real , i had to rub my eyes and blink, cause I'm a fried bastard. But true as fine kung fu , it was a man bun and he had no shame None. Im like theres some macho ma-cheese-moe fancy boy next level shit right there and im not high enough. So i hits it hard, like the vending machine that stole my money.

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