1. Not caterpillar’s. Grasshoppers.
    I put Praying Mantises on my bushes , they are viscous killers roaming the plants for bugs, worms etc and don’t hurt the plants or buds, VERY territorial about anything on “their” plants.
    Open up the plants , defoliate – get some light and air movement in there.
    New sub , great channel.

  2. If you're having problems with seeds try this I'm finding 100% success , get a container and lid, lay paper towel on the whole bottom dampen the towel not so it's soaking but just enough that its more wet then dry and literally just put the seeds on top of the paper close the lid tight and place somewhere warm 18-26c basically the humidity build up germinates the seed and its cool cause you can watch it 2-3days, open the lid for 10 seconds every 12hours, but if i do it with seeds I've found, i find the shell is too hard for the root to come out, with them i just lightly score where the crack line normally is with a knife, then even them sprout in 2-3days, but i do it on the lid so the container is like the lid, try it, works for me everytime, I've tried loads of different ways and too had the problem of most failing its discourage especially when down to the last seed

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