Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Episode 5

The cultivation of medical Cannabis may or may not be legal in your state or country. Caligreen insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of the activities …


  1. Mate ya videos are way too short then trying to find a continuation from 1 to another is bullshit
    Try making 1 whole eppisode based on 3 or 4 minni eps mate itll be a shitload better for veiwing
    Cheers anyhow brother!

  2. Bro i was seriously unhappy with my freeze pipe xl and the customer service totally ignored me like 10 emails worth, they said each pipe is hand made and could have flaws, my hole where the bowl drops in is so big even a big ass o ring on it wont seal it, so all you get is air when you try and light it and the lighter flame wont even move towards the bowl. i figured for the price i paid for that thing i would of been better quality and with a issue like i had i woulda thought for that price they woulda let me send it back for a replacement. was some really crappy customer service guy named adam

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