1. im growing along with you my friend my outdoor plants are now around 25 feet tall ! yes I said feet. I cant even reach the top with the ladder ! I'v been growing two times now, and it is alot of fun Iv been using foxfarm products.

  2. Bro, my outdoor plants are not flowering yet. I'm in northern California. I used Barney's farm and sensi seeds feminized seeds. We just had a couple weeks of over 100 degrees in mid August, is that the problem?

  3. When I grow in large pots outside I always wrap something around the pot even if it's cardboard to keep the Sun from directly hitting it. That plant can easily take a 90 or a hundred degree day but the root ball can't. Cheers bro love the videos

  4. I was too high watching the stream yesterday, all I remember hearing is "Test your water, get your water report" over and over again… Getting ready for my first indoor I'm just gonna buy a bunch of 5 gallon Primo waters

  5. She's still got her final stretch Cali!!!!!!
    Let her get the final stretch in
    (Take the screen down for it?! Put it back up when she stretches)
    It's gonna fill that room if not (she gonna be confined in that room (outdoor shade room)

  6. Yo Cali… what kind of discount you get on the Mars.. I seen the sneak peak last night. Anything special you know about White Widow fem photos?? Oh yeah..intsagram handle? Never mind its @califoniagreen420.. got you.

  7. Perfect hommie I'm about to pop some payote WiFi and the white I'm looking for a mother plant for each. Getting my knowledge up on pre cut foliar feedings for the mother and foliars for cuttings

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