Growing Cannabis – Organically – amendments – Mycorrhizae – Seaweed – compost tea – Wallace Wow

In this video I will go over what I use to grow marijuana. Please read disclaimer below. Also find where to buy Wallace Wow Products. I am currently using …


  1. Heck yeah brothaman! I'm loving it like McDonald's! But Having it my Way!😂 sounds Sweet tho, I'll definitely keep you in mind for my grows Thanks again for Sharing your Madness!🌳🎆🍻💯🖒✌

  2. Hey I just wrote a goddamn book it took me 10 minutes to delete all the shit I was talking about I'm just going to give you straight up I use only chickenshit chickenshit that's it look it up what's in chickenshit that the feathers you got the chickenshit you got the broken down food chickens go back and they eat other shit delete other crap that eat bugs in my yard need everything you can think of that's all in the chickenshit that's all I'm going to give you I wrote a book and I piss myself off that you're not going to want to read us a book about what I do but just use chickenshit have a friend of yours give you some chicken shall not telling you how to do it if you want to use chickenshit then get in touch with me I'll write the book back and send it to you and you can just do one plant there's do one plant out of all of your plants with chicken shit don't do it without me telling you how to do it or you going to slide your Clint so if you want to use chickenshit you want to get to know how to to grow some some really stinky shit not just smoked bulshit you want some stinky shit some shit that you take one hit quit that's it for 5 people it goes around one time and everybody's looking at a regular I don't want to I don't want to come up with one plant that's 14 pounds can you imagine coming up with one plant 14lb nobody wants to smoke what do you do in Burnet so I come up with 50 plants they don't get over 9 ft tall some of them don't get over 5 foot tall but it's the way they grow that's the way I picked the seed pick the FED pick them up, pick the papa you pick those and whatever how you doing your seeds come next year you worked those seeds you want to know how I do the seeds let me know I'll get the boy I'll tell you how to do it this is Huey Sonoma the best place to grow in the world is Sonoma the thing about last year why last year was so good is in the beginning of the morning I have giant trees my neighbor has what she won't cut them down or come back so I got to wait till about 10 in the morning and then the sun pops out Sun pops out behind the clouds but last year at 8 in the morning it was sunlight it was not clouds No fog nothing it was all year long it was the same all year long last year no fog ever so my plants were able to get that extra son but they didn't get the extra son to give me 6 pounds each I got about three-quarters of a pound each plant so rock on so I actually ended up coming up about 40 lb with the chickenshit I spend no money to the to the growing people nothing nothing string I have bamboo myself so I could have been throughout my own yard lock on you need to know anything about anything let's get together all right man, California

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