Growing Cannabis – Mini Documentary – Episode 3

This documentary depicts the cultivation of a medical Cannabis strain named Bubble Bomb by Bomb Seeds. Bubble Bomb is a cross between a strain named …


  1. I swear that people on YouTube pronounce words wrong on purpose. I could be wrong on this one. Never knew Fungi was pronounced funzgy before. I may be dumb but I have never heard anybody say that in my life.

  2. im on day 15 tomorrow and my plant still hasn't sprouted a second pair of true leaves and I keep my tent at 74 f and around 30% humidity and have a fan at the top for air circulation and another fan to move my seedling to make the stem stronger eventually I guess some strains just grow really slow? and I have an og kush as well that's going on day 60 tomorrow im gonna keep it on veg until around day 100 so I can et the most out of her:)

  3. Don’t put other plants in your medium they take nutrients away while they’re developing. Ground covers are only supposed to be use before you plant to add nutrients. So for example I would plant the ground covers and let them grow a bit then tilled them down, then let them decompose and that’s how you get the nutrients into the soil they add more nutrients than they take but that’s after they’ve died not while they’re still growing….

  4. But wait you've posted nothing but organic amendment grows and have PH'd in prior videos and now you're contradicting your self by saying you don't have to PH your water with organic grows. So which is it?!?! Honestly I can believe not phing your water in outdoor grows since there's plenty of other natural things that will help break down the organic material vs microbial life. Indoors is a controlled environment with man mixed fertilizers so why wouldn't you ph your water just in case man has failed at their mixture rate. A lot of what you say has some truth but this is why I can't take you youtube growers seriously because you say one thing then go back on it on your next video/grow. You just made my list with Mr Canuck of promoting bullshit on the interweb.

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