1. Grew for the first time this year in my moms back yard cuz I can’t grow where I live. Now she’s moving and I’ll have no where to grow. Totally sad that my new hobby has been taken

  2. Greetings, and salutations My Bredren Rasta Jeff. I have a seed bank, and develop varietals too. I have a new web site under construction, higherheightsgeneticseeds.com. We are planning seed swap meets, and We as Rasta Bredren, and Breeders should meet, and have a reasoning session. we have 4 acres in the hills of Jamaica with coconuts , and many fruit trees. I think that You would love it, and the people up there would Love You. Well……Maybe not the trouble makers, scammers, and evil doers. But never mind them. We got Your back. I would like to trade with You like Squanto. May the Most High Jah bless You with all that You need , and then some…….Ras Joshua Seven Thunders/////// . also known as Ivan Quin…….And some other stuff.

  3. Great show. Have listened to both your podcast daily for years now, and a DGC member. Only get wifi to watch the show at home and no time with 4 kids and a garden. Enjoy watching the show more. But don’t expect a few times a year due to available screen time I have. First time ever I have seen rosta Jeff, just have seen the drawn sticker version. Lol. Thanks for all you do to entertain me, educate and all around make my day better. I’m a few podcast behind but headed to work in 2 days and will have plenty of them download for the drive time. Stay Iri world peace✌️

  4. I get that fox tailing all the time. I find I get more fox tails the more potassium I use in weeks 5-7 of flower. I almost double the potassium intake during those weeks and my plants explode.

  5. all living has a soul also cannabis, the plant get to know you and adapt to our needs. After all, cannabis is generally a medicinal plant and its goal is to keep us healthy and in mental balance.

  6. Scotty u do know what they where called is a hlg650rspec would be what will work in place on a gavita 1000 would go with the LED just to save on the cooling an the power out put with only 650 watts per led instead of 1000watt hps lot of power save an cooling so much cheaper I have a 12×15 room but i am using 6×12 for vegg an 9×12 flower area have a wall built in between with the ac head units one in the vegg an 2 in the flower this is a mini split set up with 3 head units I have room for one more head unit if I need it but I was able remove it once I changed to LED I need to get me a pulse unit an few other things so can dail it in better but it is doing well I need a dehumidifier in my area but I only have a small one rigged up so the water dumps into an big ruff tube so don't have to dump it evryday I can dump it once week the way it's set up

  7. Cool energy with Rasta Jeff- Not stiff and overloaded with sponsors as occasionally in the past–Scotty rocked it as always, he kept it fun and live. Guru was spot on, patient, perfect with his grow knowledge. Great episode!

  8. OMG Rasta Jeff blowing my mind just on if your rig is clean. Going to follow and binge watch check. Grow it FROSTY dude grow enjoyed trimming my 1st harvest while watching and feeding the girls thier first feeding of recharge

  9. I remember making BHO back in about '08/09 in my bedroom when my family was gone. Shit I think I was like 14 or 15?? That entire stort with swing arms takes me back Bro. Ughh those were the days. Felt like cutting edge tech at the time.
    First time I heard about it was on some forums like GC RIU and Shroomery. Soooo long ago. I originally thought it was bs and they were trying to get me to ruin my bud. Finally had a little extra and thought "fuck it. I'll try it." and man… Wild stuff.

    SHE WAKES N BAKES @6PM😂🤣.(lights on,I alwayz go listen too dudegrows.com, and light one up n smoke w/her while I'm donig her morning tucking leaves, LST.
    GOOD TIMES👍✌😂🤣
    (HER(aka)she(aka)FRUITY PEBBLES👍✌✌ 52MIN LEFT TILL LIVE🎉🎊😂👍)

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