1. Thanks guys really interested in getting a grow going really want to set up 4×4 with sf 4000 il try out bio bizz for my first time but also interested more in solid fertiliser would love to be able to grow a pound of organic good quality weed really need to watch environment of grow ph and ppm u should be fine and compost tea loaded with microbes would definitely spend 2000 or more on a good set up going to keep learning as much as I can so I can have the best chance for first proper grow we have to start somewhere ✌️

  2. I went from coco and perlite with powder organics like mr canucks to now I’m runnin coco and synthetics again. Just easier for me, no powders and dust in the air. The nutes I use are powdered but different doesn’t fly in the air I dump a few teaspoons in the res and water that is all. Simpler to me.

  3. The kid who invented soylent chose the name be cause he wanted the recognition. There was an interview with him on vice and they actually found rat shit in the soylent at one point if I remember correctly. It's supposed to be everything you need nutritionally but I don't think even he would do that.

  4. thanks for the interesting program. I first started this year growing cannabis indoors and after the first 2 grows I have run on several different home blends ranging from using 75% cocos and down to 50%, the rest of the blend has consisted of potting soil and merculite and perlite. after finishing grow, I then mixed the contents of the pot on the compost bin and now my question is so. how will cocos affect the quality of the compost other than of course contributing a lot of structure?

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