Grow Vlog – How to FLUSH Your Cannabis Plant Before Harvest

Yes, I’m posting a controversial video. I realize some growers don’t flush because there isn’t any scientific evidence to support it, but I flush because I can tell a …


  1. I think 190 ppm is too much on the low side here considering water from the tap will be at least 100ppm anyway. You still want to leave some level of nutrients in there about 500 to 600 so over that two week period the plant can eat up what's left in the medium, otherwise you can really starve it far too early. Just keep checking the water run offs if unsure with a decent ppm reader

  2. Great advice bro…i used to do this back in the day when i grew smaller less stinky plants…these days there's no way i could move each plant into the bathroom, it would simply stink out the whole street..saying that i still use this method, somewhat adapted as i grow in my attic…i still drown the crap out of em but my pump does all the work in removing the runoff via a hose to the bathroom for me and more importantly works for the plants….keep up the good work, happy growing

  3. Gday mate how's it going?pretty cool video man I love the way you have scrogged & cleaned up the bottom of the plant it looks perfect 1 gorgeous girl there bro. I reduce my nutes n everything except a small amount of bud booster called rock resonated during the last week or two of bloom. I go down to about 0.5mls of base nutes with the resinator at about the same maybe a little more then on the last week I just use PHed water & the bloom booster & by then all the fan leaves have turned yellow or purple n die then I use just water for afew days then I harvest. Ok thanks for sharing man great info for the new grower & us OG guys too.Cheers man 🍻🍻👍🏽👍🏽Sorry I forgot to mention that I grow in coco 70% coir & 30% perlite I use ,CYCO its the absolute best coco out there so very clean & it's ph buffered with extra cal & mag used in the final product.its perfect for growing weed.🍻🍻

  4. Hey guys . I'm a new grower on week 8 of flower in coco … I've been flushing 9 days now and leaves are still green as can be ( guessing I severely overfed ) . Is this going to effect taste and smoothness … and is there anything else I can do to get those nutes out of leaves ???

  5. This is why I love hydro fill my res with ro water and Uc roots and flush no need to move plants etc and yes you can turn your plants purple add ice to the pots for 3-4 days it will think its winter and turn purple add the ac to and watch the colors come in niceeee

  6. You're killing 'em with nutrients 2000 ppm coming out of the pot is fubar. Try half the nuets next grow bet you'll harvest more. Plant only process what it can shouldn't have numbers coming out @2000ppm ridiculous

  7. Flushing does make a difference in end product especially if you smoke. 2 week min flushing for me, I like to see lower leaves yellow and mid to upper leaves light green/ yellow/ purple when I set to 48hrs darkness before harvest. Flushing= smoothness!

  8. Did you know you can take that blue end cap off on the ppm meter just like the ph meter. Its nice to take it off if your trying to check your ppm run off while the plant is still in the saucer.

  9. You said you were using pro mix is that the name brand? I’m using general Hydroponics Flora Series and want to confirm that I’m doing everything right since it’s my first indoor grow! Will water from the tap be fine if I PH it and add my nutrients (not in that order) I’ve heard that you should PH after you add your nutrients! Man I’m nervous I’ve watched so many videos that I feel confident and yet nervous at the same time!

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