Grow Tip: Will Light Leak Affect Vegetating Cannabis Plants During Dark Period

Dude Grows Show Grow Talk clip from Ep. 939 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss light leaks during the dark cycle of vegetating cannabis plants. Answering a …


  1. i use only green led lights in my work area (ie basement grow room)… it has a tendency to deter some folks from wanting to visit the garden, score for me….there are times i have to work in the garden during lights out…but, the green leds allow me to do the necessary work during such times…

  2. Quick question regarding cycle. I'm in 12/12 flower around the 4th week. My timer failed to shut down one cycle. That day ended up with a 15 on /7 off before the defective timer was replaced. The colas seem to be visually unaffected.
    Appreciate your response

    Thank you

  3. If people get Herms, when they get light leaks or whatnot, but how about when your running outdoor and have a ton of light From all types of sources and if you end up with no seeds at all from your outdoor every year then whats the deal with that gentlemen?? Thank you for your time!!

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