Grow Tip: Identifying Autoflower Cannabis Plants

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 975 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss how to identify a photoperiod and autoflower cannabis plants. Answering a …


  1. Weed snobs, that don't even have an answer to the title of the video. Simple answer, they show pre-flowers on days 25to30 in the veg room. With bag seed, it's kind of like people. A hot mom usually has pretty daughters. Children usually look like their parents. Saying u won't try a random seed is kind of snobbish and childish.

  2. I would hate to grow and my train my bag seeds as if they were photos and they ended up being autos. No prob with autos just tough to grow accordingly..oh well maybe i just wont top and just lst. Adds to the mystery i guess!

  3. Scotty there's a difference between being snobby and being passionate. There's nothing wrong with loving what you your passionate about and putting everything you have into growing and sharing your wisdom and knowledge.
    Love you all. And thank you for everything you guys do.

  4. Out of my experience i recently bought a few different strain clones from a dispensary and one started flowering in 18-6. Strain was "Midnight Splendor" by Dark Heart Nursery they say nothign of it being an autoflower? any answers idga flying fuck honestly it was dank im just curious because all i could find is on the website says the breeder is Hawaiian Seed Company
    and its derived from crossing Kali Mist x GDP x Kauai Purple x GSC. I should post this on the website or you sjould just read it in a video cuz its trippy af lol

  5. Out here in PA, the grower/processors for the medical program are notorious for sending out bud with seeds and/or mold in the flower. I just refuse to buy flower from the dispensary lol

  6. some times i feel like dude gets the short end of the stick. i know its just there dynamic . but guru kind of always sides with scotty. i love scottys drive and ambition to learn. but i think since dude is kinda straight forward and doesnt need to know how things work on a micro level, they kind of dont take his opinion as serious as they should. like i said its just there thing , but ive been in that group dynamic ,and it isnt fun. so once i learned my shit, i made sure not to discount anyone else's opinion. and even if a plant is seeded it can still be just as potent from my experience.. its yield will just suffer. they are even now looking into if seeded but offers something different, since it may be producing different hormones. it used to be bud that was seeded was the crap grown with no love. but with good genetics and love and care , you can grow the seeded fire.if you do it just right you can have your cake and eat it to. i had hermies for my first grow, and picked all the sacs as they appeared. ended up with maybe 2 percent seeds. this bud was amazing. everyone was trying to get it from me.

  7. Hey DGC, Rick frommaryland, loving the autoflowers so convenient, fun, they really are a blast. I really appreciate you guys and helping me through! Scottie real, you're really cool man you are you guys are great. Dude thank you, guru thank you.

  8. no it doesn't mean that theybare auto flowers, it could be stress from root bound, nutriments or other things. It happen to 2 of my mother plants after a year in veg, and i seen it happen to othere growers aswell they are videos on youtube

  9. Hey Scotty, dont you know the story behind sour diesel? You wont be hating on bagseeds if you remember how Sour D came about. I thouight you loved sour diesel. accidental hermie polination created that, which is basically "bagseed"

  10. Can it occur naturally because of genetics? I had one sativa grown outdoors that finished in late August. I had two grown indoors that started to flower on their own and no autoflower genetics in their past.

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