1. @1984LizardKing Hello:) yes, you want to soak your rockwool in the right ph water then put your germinated seeds in the cubes, cubes in a propogator and then keep them under light straight away. It is not really necessary to turn your light on immediately after the seeds are in the cubes as nothing will really happen for the first day or two but your pro growers will unlikely support this. I would advise turning lights on as soon as the seeds are in their cubes.

  2. can someone tell me if ive got this right,i havent grown in a couple years so getting confused a bit lol.ive got 5 seeds in paper towels right now,when im about to put them in rockwool,do i soak them in 5.3 ph-5.5,put the seeds in then start giving them light when they are in their propogator? or do i keep them in the dark for a a bit first,then put them under the light? all suggestions appreciated,thanks

  3. Wow! That was really a great video!
    Philosophy, history, practical and medical use and cultivation itself.
    Very informative in all above aspects. Easy understandable for intermediate english-speaker.
    Well-chosen smooth soundtrack, good shots and montage all shown by legendary Wernard Bruining himself.
    I watched the movie several times and never get bored. It is only 35 minutes long but fully filled with content.
    I recommend it to everyone!

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