Gronk On Possible Return, CBD Use And His Thoughts On Brady's Future With Pats | Open Invitation

1:25 Initial reaction to getting drafted by New England 2:34 The Belichick regime and The Patriot Way 5:37 What makes Tom Brady so special 6:36 Relationship …


  1. 9 SuperBowls in 18 years — Red Sox 4 Titles so whatever Happens !!! Gronk HEROIN is a plant as well and 50 years ago when iwas 16 working Summers in surgical labs and was Told all they want to do is Addict Most of America like Hitler did in His Psych Blitz Keieg and His German Drug Companies and Now They Have , Welcome to The 4Th REICH who are The OTTOMAN EMPIRE in he EMPIRE STATE and LONE STAR state of RUSSIA where they sold 100,000 Russian News Papers a week in Houston…

  2. I mean,  I mean  , I mean,  bottom line is he's an immature idiot but with a moronic thought process,  bottom line is  that he could continue and can become an Antonio brown!

  3. Thank you for this interview. Gronk was one of the most exciting players to watch, probably ever. I hope he enjoys life and finds something that he loves as much as football. Blessings.

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