Grass Roots – The Reality of Cannabis Legalisation

New Zealand is going to vote on cannabis legalisation So in a world full of misinformation and fear mongering I decided to search out the truth and provide a …


  1. I am so proud to be have been here since pre legalization in Oregon and to have watched the industry start into legalization here. I am excited to see the appellations that form

  2. Cannabis prohibition is political, period. It has nothing to do with medicine, our safety, or anything else. The Nixon administration knew they couldn’t outright start killing brown people and white hippies, so they figured out that making illegal the things they loved worked BETTER than killing them. Making weed illegal turned brown people and hippies into cash cows for Republicans. That is the only reason it is illegal.

  3. Great film. Great to see it come to fruition after speaking with you about it at Spirit Festival. I love Oregon. Used to play and perform at festivals there. The culture around Cannabis and the language is changing. The laws are changing. The word weed is one that could be cast aside from Cannabis, being the oldest human propagated plant. And calling it weed doesn't do Cannabis any favours. Love those big trees! We will have to grow them that big here if we are restricted to 2 plants each!

  4. Kudos on making a great short documentary! I would have liked to see a comparison of Oregon crime-rates pre legalisation and post legalisation as this is very politically relevant and should be talked about… From what I've been able to find online about this subject, it seems that crime-rates are in fact declining.

  5. Also climate-wise, there is no comparison. Oregon has a Mediterranean climate during the growing season, NZ's climate is maritime. New Zealand grows its own great pot no doubt but until it is legalized, expect details about NZ best strains, best breeders, to remain folk law. Time to legalize is well past, though. Hurry up already. Legalizing pot provides the disenfranchised with a legitimate hope for a better future. That much is true. And this alone is enough reason to do this. Based on what I have seen, I would recommend keeping pot development local. Keep out the larger commercial interests for best results.

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