Gov. Wolf and Lt. Gov. Fetterman Call for Legislation to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman will urge the General Assembly to take up the legalization of adult-use cannabis. Legalization of …


  1. Tom wolf is a fraud and a murderer he screwed Pennsylvania and has continuously done so since being in office I fully support legalizing marijuana because yes I am a smoker however tom wolf does not have Pennsylvanias welfare in mind he's only doing this because he thinks that pot heads are uneducated stoners no gov wolf we pay attention this is purely political only meant to reelect the Democrats because you will be losing your power very soon

  2. Your Governor was eluding the first question asked about the lockdown. Really, they're trying to appease younger people by making them think they're going to make weed legal, they cannot do that because they'll lose million & millions in revenue, decriminalization however is the better bet. He should get back to the question at large about opening up the Biss's in Cities & the State.

  3. All I see here is another Democrat trying to save his ass from being booted out of Office. Don't even begin to think he's going to let this go without cashing in on this. At best its just going to be a reduced mandate of possession, you'll probably get to grow two or three plants a year, but be forced to get a License for thousands and thousands of dollars, (again they profit) so they can keep an eye on you just in case they repeal its decriminalization once they get reelected. They make a great deal of money fining & confiscating property as well as giving Prison sentences out.

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