Gov. Wolf and Lt. Gov. Fetterman Call for Legalization of Adult-Use Cannabis

Governor Tom Wolf, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Lehigh Valley NORML executive director Jeff Riedy to call for the legalization of adult-use …


  1. Good hard working people (taxpayers) use cannabis as a safer alternative than LEGAL booze…If one chooses to wind down at the end of the day in the privacy of their home, they hurt NO ONE!….LEGAL booze kills 88,000 people each year! Not ONE person has ever died from cannabis! Why not allow cannabis for responsible users like alcohol…

  2. Legalizing marijuana. What a great diversion from unnecessary nursing home deaths and the authoritarian dictatorial virus lockdown. I guess the transphobia diversion was getting a little shopworn. All for decriminalizing cannabis but the timing is a pretty slick maneuver. Wolf is a master con man. Don't be fooled weed smokers

  3. Cannabis can change everything it’s the most amazing medicine on this planet this is science now not opinion anymore it’s only your choice not to look for the truth that keeps it hidden from so many people that need this medicine

  4. FYI this is old as shit and the G.O.P. already shot his bullshit down…..they can't even fix the broken system they already created PLUS trates are 85 a gram. A 8th is 65-75….these are sick people that still can 1. Get evicted. 2. Fire or refused employment 3. Get a dui if the cop finds out your a medical user…..loss of license….
    Now he's pushing the same shit he's pushing for 2 years with NOTHING BEING DONE.

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