Going to Pot: Why the Rush to Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America

As part of The Heritage Foundation’s ongoing series of programs addressing drugs and drug policy in America, authors William J. Bennett and Robert A. White …


  1. It interesting how most of the comments below that disagree with this video do not refute any of the assertions based on any kind of logic or scientific studies. They just throw out insults. These comments help me decide against legalization.

  2. The only reason I'm watching this is because of a school assignment. Honestly, I can't stop rolling my eyes. I've never smoked, but I would've killed for some medical marijuana while undergoing stage four cancer, and the pain that I went through. But Texas isn't very forgiving, even for medical meds.

  3. These gentlemen should be fucking ashamed of themselves. When a so called "expert" can say with a straight face that vets for whom medical marijuana works should trust the VA, Big Pharma, the DEA, etc. to do right by them. The VA has killed more vets than marijuana ever will. The "War on Drugs" has destroyed more lives than every illicit drug on the market. Bennett claims that Marinol, a synthetic THC, is an option for pain or PTSD and he says that if you have chronic pain there are other options. Yes there are. Besides Marinol, which has been proven to not work as well as marijuana while also being much more powerful than natural based THC. Not to mention that it's prohibitively expensive. But hell, it's put out by those paragons of virtue, the pharmaceutical industry. You know, the industry that accepts that 300+ million prescriptions for opiods are written every year. That's a prescription for every single American. Now, consider that the average prescription is 60 pills. For those math challenged that adds up to 18 Billion opioid pills floating around every year. There are 10 thousand deaths attributed to opiods every year. That's ok with the FDA, the DEA, big pharma, drug warriors, and last but not least the Federal Government. Does anybody actually believe that these entities give a crap about the people? It's all about money, greed, control, and power. There's a hell of a lot of information out there. Find it and use it. If you have a true argument either pro or con and have done your research I'll give you the respect you deserve. If you're going to come at me with old, outdated memes about the dangers of marijuana use with bullshit research I have no obligation to take you seriously. PS don't think for a moment that I believe that there are no negative effects to ingesting marijuana. There are negative effects to just about anything. Some people will abuse whatever they want. That's part of life. There will always be some who are alcoholics, others who abuse drugs. There will always be people who abuse other people. It sucks but it's also true. Again, learn. Do the research. You got the internet. Use it. Believe me the information is available. As it was said on the TV show The X Files…the truth is out there.

  4. I do not give a rats ass who you listened to idiot. You can find any idiot who will tell you what you want to hear for a quarter. Get some facts first. You do not speak for the 70% of America who consider this plant a God given right to use In health care. The first medical book was written in 1845 and the study found Marijuana is a helpful, useful non addictive plant.
    Two for three Federal studies with same conclusion, the Surgeon General is for it.
    Go back to Southern AL and live there.

  5. So ya'll would prescribe Marinol the synthetic form of THC? But smoking a bud causes society to collapse? I guess that's good advice for the syntheticly inclined. Or for people too lazy to water a frickin plant.

  6. Marijuana. Safer than pharmaceutical drugs, and you can grow it in your back yard. The people who stand to gain things from marijuana being illegal want it to be illegal. It is not in the best interest of the vast majority of people in the population to keep marijuana illegal.

  7. 8:24… Almost all the evidence is on your side?  Really?  I'm curious as to how much of this I can sit through.  If I can watch it all, it will be entertaining… like the Kardashian show is entertaining. 

  8. You can't fine, imprison, and persecute adults for smoking an herb and think that you're doing a community good.  All we're doing is breaking up families and filling jails with non violent good people.  For those few people that feel this is the right approach… you're all monsters.

    And at 3:28 he lies.  Nobody has ever died smoking weed.  The very few that pass as a result of an accident while under the influence died because of poor decision making.  Prohibition has not and will not ever stop people from using.  It doesn't accomplish anything.  

    People die every year slipping in their bath tubs.  Should we make bath tubs illegal?

  9. I find a few of their arguments valid, I would certainly not want kids to get their hands on it, but they do anyway through all the dealers that target them, But so much of their numbers are likely very biased. They do not know very much about all the healing benefits, as well as the fact that it is not addictive, and it will not lead to harder drugs any more than drinking beer will. And as everyone (except these idiots) know, Alcohol and tobacco are SO MUCH MORE dangerous than pot. They actually say its worse than tobacco?? Are they all that stupid?? I think they are paid off by big tobacco to spread such moronic propaganda. NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM SMOKING POT! NEVER EVER!! That is known by anyone with half a brain. And have these morons ever raised such a fuss about alcohol and tobacco, which has been proven to bother be additive and causes many many deaths each year. These guys probably smoke and drink themselves to sleep every night.

  10. Fuck this dude. I would like to explain why he is a stupid fuck, but I am too drunk on legal alcohol instead of being stoned. I would prefer my moronic government would let me chose my drug of choice without fear of jail.

  11. Let the drug lovers go for it!!! The drug after affects will wipe em out,,, lol,,, what cretan idiots!!! Oy veyyyy!!! Are people this stupid?? They refuse to take the advice of intelligent men,, who have their best interests in mind too?!?!?! WOW!!! LOLOL,,,, Darwin was right,,, they are proof of evolution,,, hey,,, maybe drugs are just the same as,,, rat poison,,, a way to clear out the gene pool,,, hehehe!

  12. I feel sorry for you brainless azzwiper druggies! The truth of your consequences will MOST CERTAINLY come! But hey,,, you're on your own jerks!!! Laugh now at this truthful conversation here,,,  CRY later,,, when you're brain resembles rancid bacon in the frying pan! And your memory,,,,, can't remember!!! When the Chinese own the USA, because you wanted to laugh, joke, smoke, inject, and have sex anytime, and anywhere!!! HAHAHAHA,,,,,, sounds like REAL FUN,,, hah!?!?!?  I tell you no lies assholes!!!

  13. Permanent IQ drop of 8 points in children. 1/3 of high school kids using it. There about 10 other things mentioned here. Dont these facts make you hesitate? 18 reviews and they are all pro drugs. As a nation we are definitely goners. With all our financial problems it looks like this will be our final nail in the coffin.

    18 reviews and all from stoners. Losers

  14. This guy just said "supposed medical form". I guess the CBD oil, derived from cannabis, which helps children while 400+ seizures/day go to 1 a week has no medical value. This video is pathetic.

  15. Bill Bennett actually claims science is on his side and that we are the "deniers." This from a man who ignores the science on evolution, climate change, and obviously marijuana. Bill Bennett, you are a fat piece-of-shit.

  16. Never ask the barber if you need a haircut. Arresting and imprisoning people for smoking pot is insanity. Pot is not addictive, and tobacco does far more harm, as does alcohol.

  17. When you take the ways morals are judged like the ten-commandments out of schools and deny there is a God, then how can you expect people to make rational and logical decisions. Thank you for this Video.

  18. People just wanna get high, for whatever reason.  They have a multitude of rationalizations and justifications for it.  Shame on Heritage for pointing out it might be bad for you. 

  19. A study out of a north Western university say marijuana is bad …did he realy say out of a north western why doesnt he have specific documents of the year and the amount of people tested ? Why is everything they read off a paper is this not common knowledge to them ? Or did there donating master puppeteer give then scripts

  20. This presentation is a joke, good luck with the book sales though honestly.  If every rehab operator, addiction control specialist, police captain, portfolio holder in private prisons goes around soap boxing using these examples they will lose.  

    New study from The Journal of Neuroscience: http://www.jneurosci.org/content/35/4/1505.short : "Daily Marijuana Use Is Not Associated with Brain Morphometric Measures in Adolescents or Adults"

    Also from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration : http://reason.com/blog/2015/02/09/landmark-study-finds-marijuana-is-not-li   Not the first time they have came to such a conclusion either.

    Heart attack and smoke carcinogens psychosis, wow that is really pulling everything including the kitchen sink,  heart attack figure was thoroughly debunked by Dr. Grinspoon emeritus professor of psychology at Harvard.   Lung cancer, emphysema, COPD risk of marijuana smoking is dead and buried by Dr. Tashkin emeritus professor of medicine, a pulmonologist who was a federal researcher on the subject of the effect of marijuana smoke on the lungs who ran the largest and longest longitudinal study factoring variables such as age, profession, living location, sex, multidrug use on this very topic. 

    Oh and marijuana protects from heart attacks, and increases the rate in which the heart will heal after suffering one- there is no pill on the planet for the heart that does not increase the risk of heart attack.  They make the window of danger smaller while ever so slightly increasing the risk during that period of time.  http://www.fasebj.org/cgi/content/abstract/23/7/2120  for a smidge of the proof that marijuana protects from all forms of ishemia.

    The country is waking up fast to the truth of why the war on drugs goes on- they are also quickly realising that marijuana is the lynchpin in said war.   Hiding behind claims of science, hah are you in for a surprise science is merciless and always comes out on top.  As more and more people realize that the US has funded the majority of all marijuana research ever performed in the world- and how the vast majority of which fly in the face of the kind of rhetoric we hear that has languished on from an age in which no scientists on the planet even understood how marijuana interacted with the body- the people will see it has never been the science driving this.   They might find something like a study by the DOJ NDIC that revealed in one year America wasted $193,000,000,000.00 waging the war ("The Economic Impact of Illicit Drug Use on American Society") and notice that many of the people spouting the fear mongering are the ones putting that money in their pocket.

    I gotta get out of here the stench of RHINO's is making me sick.

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