From Under The Seed Desk with Marijuana Man: Legalization is Coming … Don't Slip on the Drool

POT TV – Watch From Under The Seed Desk with Marijuana Man and friends every Wednesday at 4PM PT. On today’s show: legalization is coming … don’t slip …


  1. Gram parsons?! Been into Gram Parsons & The Byrds, Burito bros. for a couple of years now. Love to cook out with his music on, or ride the countryside in a motor bike, if i could ride one of those sons a bitches.

  2. Why do most of the folks I see smoking these days (on You Tube) blow out all the wonderful smoke IMMEDIATELY? What ever happened to holding that hit to get lots of good stuff into your bloodstream? Im 61 and I hold mine for 60 seconds and end up just needing 2 or 3 hits. I just dont understand this wasteful way of getting high.

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