Former Rocket Scientist Treats His Dog's Cancer w/ Cannabis Oil

Video of Ernie and his Dogs was originally posted on Sep 16, 2018 on his YouTube channel Trader of Futures at: …


  1. My beautiful choc lab recently passed away (just turned 9) of bone cancer.
    I did tons of research while trying to save his life. I started him on CBD OIL for his pain and THAT was amazing.
    I searched everywhere on the internet for hours trying to find a cure for my dog! I didn't see anything about cannabis killing cancer UNTIL he passed. Now I see it everywhere!! I wish so much I could rewind time but now I know this information for my other dog and future ones to come. If I or any loved one were to get cancer or disease I would FIRST use RSO in doses that He (Rick Simpson) recommends. Giving it in high dosage for humans and animals in suppository form will NOT get the high feeling. Do your research!!!

  2. This is great to hear, I love all dogs. I saw a documentary on Rick Simpson, that made it clear why they don’t want the cure out there. Great Job and beautiful dogs. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  3. is thee more video ???!!! don't leave us hanging BRO! this is what everyone is wanting to see- a chemist or rocket scientist getting interested and then Expaining it to laymen

  4. All chordate life uses the cannabis type molecules ( cannabinoids) to maintain cell structures and to modulate mechanistic actions in the cells.. all bio-chemical signalling that occurs in every carbon structured cell ever created in time have used cannabinoids to maintain homeostasis for that cell… one human contains trillions upon trillions of cells each signalling 15,000 cannabinoid messages a second to maintain its homeostasis… each cannabinoid signal touches the interior of the cell 7 times creating a confirmation of change to the organism ( human). how a cell metabolizes determines how healthy a cell is in an environment,,, we are all in uncertain environments ( life) all the time…

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