Former House Speaker John Boehner On Pot, Trade And President Donald Trump | CNBC

Former House Speaker John Boehner speaks about why he now supports the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and Kevin Murphy, Acreage …


  1. Cut the Mexican cartels out of the marijuana business. Keep the money in America. Legalize marijuana so you can control the quality. Lot of marijuana now day is treated with other chemicals that can cause seizures ( I have suffered from 4 seizure because of this). I have stopped smoking marijuana because of this. After smoking pot since 1973 I have stopped this year because of ER Dr.s telling me about these chemicals. It's not the marijuana causing my and other people's seizures its these chemicals in the pot.

  2. Follow the money!!! Government wants more, in taxes and "investors" want a BIG return!!! It should be sold in stores like cigarettes. But no way will that happen because pot shops will charge more ( like in low income areas like liquor stores and abortion clinics).

  3. Mr. Boehner was not an  advocate of marijuana while in office. His only vote on legalization came in 1999, when he voted to prohibit medical marijuana in Washington. He also opposed
    “even the mildest of marijuana law reforms”, as he was “unalterably opposed” to legalization
    But now? What a change! As , Mr. Boehner now say’s; “I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is needed so we can do research, help our veterans, and reverse the opioid
    epidemic ravaging our communities."
    He left one very important one out; “so we can make money”.
    What a guy, but baby, he is “all in” now,  after seeing that profit margin!

  4. I like how John Boehner humanized himself at the end by admitting his tobacco and alcohol use, which are both a thousand times worse than cannabis, I have to give him credit for that among other things that were said. That impressed me.

  5. John Boehner is a globalist. He now works for trade firm that pushes China business interest's. I am a Republican but can't stand Democrats or Republicans that are globalists.

  6. Alot of comments here that kinda don't make sense to me. Yes he may be investing in Cannabis but we need people that actually have a voice and can influence the Prohibition idiot's. But it is funny about a month before Ohio we're Boenher is from has passed i believe even recreational marijuana. But I appreciate him speaking up because we need folks that can get weed legal and I don't care if money is the motive. Money is the reason it was made illegal in 1937. So God bless him for adding his voice. Legalize marijuana now!

  7. Legalize. I know a vet who was doing coke bad, and he recently switched to weed to get off because Coke was dangerous, caused him to wreck, which eventually killed his mother and possibly caused brain damage to his son. I didn't realize he was afraid of going to his VA appointment until he mentioned that he had an appointment and they might find it (the weed). Sad.

  8. They will just add something to it guys! I began my career many yrs ago, giving patients narcotics post surgery. This change is only happening because there is cash to be made. These folks are crooks. They will add something to it…it will not be pretty!

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