Forced to harvest sad looking marijuana plants early.

Harvesting pathetic looking marijuana plants. Forced to harvest plants early, due to impending (27 degrees) killing frost. Plants started with no furtilizer.


  1. Funny you should say that. This year I planted seeds from a strain that was not only potent but finish in mid September. I was about a week away from harvesting them and went out to water them only to find somebody ripped them off. They got six really nice plants. Fortunately, I have another spot with about 12 plants that are almost ready to harvest. Hope nobody rips them off too.

  2. That's why you dont grow in the woods way too many surrounding plants that will take the food that the weed plant needs, of you do grow in the woods make you a big growing circle, and burn the ground, then plant your seed

  3. Everytime I cut my plant is goes mouldy :(. I'm at a situation where 90% of the pistols are white but have to harvest now. Will I get zero effects from the trichomes because the pistols are mostly white?

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