Fool-Proof Method to Know When to Feed Nutrients to Cannabis Plant for More Flowerss

John from has special guest, Josh from the Boogie Brew Compost tea company share his stoner-proof aka foolproof method …


  1. Your friend knows what he is talking about with one exception, using ph drops to get an accurate reading is definitely not the way to go, it will get you somewhat close to the neighborhood of things but to be as accurate as possible (because lets face it Cali Growers have a lot of competition if you are selling to any of the dispensaries) They would never get by using those cheap drop's method, Blue Lab makes an excellent PH pen for a cool hundo, probably the best on the market and it will get any grower to the exact number they need to be at to grow the top shelf blow your lid Ganga like I do. And they are built like tanks just like the Truncheon from the same company. Cheers from Riverside, Ca.

  2. @10:30 This is the issue I have with most far left liberals being a centrist. Anything they don't understand or are not into must be vilified or mocked. Thank you for validating this stereotype.

  3. All things used a different for all ,period weed is one plant that can take accept and use most dam near ever , Goes light exact light ,by this all other factor can be calculated, soil nutrients, watering all varies by that , this is the common mistake I believe, and is why sometimes it works and sometimes it dont , but ya u shared I appreciate that and good video good enough.. hope u look at what I said. And then u will see a whole different world of variables, Molina's 2000 max and can take use every bit of it .f.wild. weed professor can show more

  4. y runnof and not just a soil slurry? runoff will always be higher than actual ppm of soil 1-2 inches down. But it get it if they go down the plant is eating, up and lockout city

  5. I would say that if cannabis growers followed organic veg growers they would have much better weed. FYI Getting a fever means you are healthy and your immune system is functioning correctly.

  6. I think that that little bit wiped you out is testament to your diet to be honest obviously your gut bacteria is fantastic breaking it down giving you every bit of nutrients in that little tiny bud just goes to show your diet works that’s my take anyway

  7. Found out my recycled soil buckets were running off at 5000ppm due to lack of runoff over the years. Probably build up from granular ferts, fish hydrolysate (has phosphoric acid) and blackstrap (potassium). Now I rinse them down with rain water to 800-1000ppm after use, then just add a ton of compost and reuse.

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