1. The only thing sucks about your plants not being done all at 1 time is once you start Cutting them down all the thieves will know it and they will take the rest if they know they're there

  2. It's a
    Hell Yeah. …
    You got seeds, ,really important as a wild grower
    I take about 2oz of leaf trim only,,,put in 20oz mason jar,,use two cans of butane, ,I get at least 1.4 grams of extract dabb. ..
    Get some hand hash too, when cleaning the seeds out. .and trimming buds..
    Could you push the last plant into the cool October. .to see the difference. ..cannabis shines the most in the cold..
    Mold and bug season is over in the cold,,cannabis sheds the old and grows the crisp. .
    Keep growing

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