Firefly 2+ Hands-On: A cannabis vape competitor to the Pax 3

The Firefly 2+ is a big upgrade to the popular cannabis vaporizer. Despite retaining the same battery and form-factor as the Firefly 2, the 2+ manages better …


  1. I burnt my lip off on this and sued the manufacturer for $50,000 I ended up settling out of court for $20, a handjob and a grinder with a cool little screen to collect keif. They were going to toss in a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen DVD but then they decided that should be reserved for someone with more serious injuries. In the end it all worked out so I would definitely recommend their products 👍

  2. Why would the firefly 2 be a competitor to pax when the pax is a trash conduction vaporizer? Firefly 2 is 100% on demand full convection while the pax walls heat up causing u to waste alot of your medicine. Pax is no competition

  3. Lmao I’ll still with my Pax 3 plus I get 4-6 solid uses per charge and I charge it at night anyways… I’ve also dropped mine plenty of times and it’s solid af! This scares me if it ever dropped on the mouth and it seems to fragile with the magnetic cover that looked easy af to remove. It’s a cool concept, but no offense Pax killed their design and it’s quicker to load. This whole video was basically you comparing every bit of it to Pax, which tells me you know you aren’t better you just hope to compete with the best😂😂it looks tacky compared to the simplistic solid feel of my Pax 3 plus I also have the exact same features on the app on my Pax3 lmfao. This doesn’t give pax a run for its money for shit I’d pick a Pax 3 over this anyday plus I can always rely on Pax and their customer service is INCREDIBLE!

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