Federal Cannabis Legalization News – August 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup

Federal Cannabis Legalization News – August 2020 – Cannabis News Roundup Kamala Harris teams up with Joe Biden for the Presidental race – What does this …


  1. Prisons are overcrowded and a huge percent of those prisoners are in for possession of Marijuana. It is dumb. Someone carrying 5 grams is put in jail and taxpayers foot the bill. Just legalize it already. Stoners are less dangerous and funner to be around than an alcoholic. I never understood why alcohol was legal to begin with. Broken bottles, lids, and aluminum cans litter our streets and so many have died to alcohol related incidents.

  2. Here is the agenda, federal government refuses to change its law, enforces it, but backs off in legal states by executive order(not law) thereby turning the federal government against the state under the letter of the law. Showing the government is lawless, only allowing for corruption to remain hidden out in the open, then at a later date when the executive orders are withdrawn by a new administration, war will ensue, but long before this, every single gun owner in America that has ever smoked marijuana is a felon and lied on their background check, this was always intended to be backdoor gun control and thereby turning its victims into felons it will then silence these people by taking away their right to vote. Having been disarmed and silenced the end will come, as case studies imply over 70% of those alive in the us have admitted to marijuana use. We are being set up and positioned for the slaughter of our constitutional republic. There is a reason the fed wont legalize it. It's for future democratic socialist conflict with constitutional republicans. Target = all minorities while placing blame on white Patriots to keep their eyes off of the swamp(the true enemy).

  3. Trump 2020 get over it. Do more research on Biden and Harris and you'll understand that they would just speak about things you want to hear without actually doing anything its like Obama on steroids. Just saying.

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