Federal cabinet allows the production of Marijuana in Pakistan – Economic benefits?

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  1. Already Pakistan is in deep recession he's making it more deep by destroying alcohol industry which makes billions and also when your liver fail for doctors its employment this idiot just making it fail and you better know marijuana makes you lazy incompetent and migrained head I know it is good and health benefits but country needs money and development not good or bad and mainly its against Quran and he's going against ya Allah save this people good I left Pakistan and I'm in UK else I would be like these people

  2. Very good decision of the PTI govt . in October 2018 Canada legalized cannabis and generate trillion-dollar revenue growing cannabis helping Pakistan sinking economy Pakistan India and Afghanistan soil is very good for weed growing. North America doing much more research on Cannabis from the last few years.

  3. Jis nay license lay liya woh bych sakta hai aur jis say us nay li woh gareeb pata nai kahain say kat raha ho tou samp b kat jay phr b usay kuch nai milna wah oye gareeb chorna nai koi aur ameer ko aur ameer karain nice

  4. Only way to make millions ..but again the patients increase , the more broke people will become also the hospitals going to earn more ..

    Healing power is shit.. it controls.your mind and drains your savings money ( only the drug manufacturers get benefited ) ….

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