Farm to Table: Weed Killer, Cancer, and Corporate Power with Carey Gillam and Bethany McLean

Award-winning investigative journalist Carey Gillam discusses her book, Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science, which …


  1. I'm all about feeding and nurturing soil biology. If you encourage diverse soil biology, the soil microbiology will feed and protect the plant with what it needs as it needs it. Chemicals are not needed. Look how lush and robust a natural forest grows without any chemical or human intervention. Dr. Elaine Ingham is a leader in this field that everyone seems to reference.

  2. Dear Carey, more power to you, no one can touch you. Go for it because, you are just following from one of the commandments of the Almighty Creator. He say, "Eat from Lawful and "Unpolluted" provisions of your Creator". (2:168-5:88-8:69-16:114) And also He says, "satan orders humans to "Change the Creation" of the Almighty Creator." (4:119). Now we have the scientifically proven scripture with 1500 pages of computer printout based on mathematics, the exact science, which proves this fact. It is noteworthy that the mathematical miracle of the Arabic Quran, code 19 of the Quran was discovered by one of Almighty's servants in "Monsanto", "Anheuser Busch Brewery" around 45 years ago! . . . That was how the Almighty wanted to show His Miracle in the heart of satan.
    BTW, Dr. Rashad Khalifa was the one who discovered how to extract the protein from the "Brewery Yeast" by the will of the Almighty Creator. He had the patented process for the benefit of Anheuser Busch. The brewery yeast contains 50% protein, which they used to throw million tons of it into the ocean.

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