Experience CBD Edibles Review (safe) [Ease the pain, Calm The Anxiety & relax)

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  1. For those who are complaining that this "didn't work", every CBD patient's body is slightly different than anyone else's, so each CBD product has the potential to work differently depending on the person. I have serious insomnia so I try various CBD products, and usually, only one in ten products will work for me — but when they work it's a wonderful miracle. (It's very difficult to go through life with almost no sleep.) – – In a Purple Haze pipe store, I bought Experience CBD Edibles, a small pak, which contained some rainbow-color gummy candy in the shape of a 'stripe' or 'belt'. The pak was marked as concentrated, so of course I was very cautious. I ate about 1/20 of the product one hour before bedtime. I fell asleep within a reasonable amount of time. I woke a few times that night which usually happens to me, but I was able to fall back alseep right away each time. Yay. I noted during those brief moments I was awake, the blurry-vision effect that Kevin reports. Also, my whole body felt heavy like lead. This is an effect I usually notice from the CBDs that are good for combating insomnia. I also managed to sleep in the next morning, which was great, because usually I only get 5 hours of sleep or less and can't manage to sleep in. – – To summarize, this company's product can be highly effective and a godsend for some CBD patients.

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