Ethan Nadelmann's Analysis of Pres. Obama's Marijuana Legalization Interview

DPA’s Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann offers his analysis of President Obama’s first significant comments on marijuana legalization since the election.


  1. President Obama You are a joyful, loving, caring, friendly, inspiring spirit. You are a helpful, compassionate, creative, giving spiritual being. You live a life of giving and receiving ԼƠƔЄ. You are connected to everything so you treat everything with the love and light you want to receive. The golden key to the kingdom of light is in your hands. May love fill your heart so that it cannot be contained, so that it flows to all that cross your path. I am ԼƠƔЄ, I ԼƠƔЄ you always.

  2. Not quite, we are certainly a man driver of it and slower to come around than some countries (the Netherlands, Portugal, Guatamala, Mexico, all who have either made changes to their laws or have had leaders who have supported some sort of legalization), but we are not the only nation with these stupid laws. Luckily, the tide is turning, both in the US and worldwide.

  3. obama is not concerned with legalization because he doesn't want to be the first black president AND the first president to end cannabis prohibition. it would seem too cliche. wake up barack no one cares just do what is best!!!!

    Genesis 1:29 READ THE TRUTH

  4. Thank you from give just about the only non pessimistic view that I have heard on the POTUS statements, the negativity bias in the legalization movement is understandable but I think very much unwarranted in this case.

  5. our government doesn't actually represent us and they could give a crap what we want. Obama came out for gay marriage to give ONE thing of difference between him and the Republicans. The Feds bring in the drugs. The feds sell the drugs and make huge money. They bust chumps who use it and toss them into the prison industrial complex to work for raytheon, lockheed, starbucks for half the price of chinese labor. get one thing straight obama is a douche -not your friend

  6. BIG THANK YOU TO AMERICA! You guys have started the landslide, and there's no turning back now. I'm confident that you guys will have nation-wide legalisation before long. That will embarrass our cretinous leadership (David Cameron) in the UK who don't even have the balls to face the issue, despite EVERY commission they make coming back and saying all drugs need legalisation or decriminalisation to end the idiotic war on drugs.

  7. If only they understood the weight of this prohibition on Latin American countries…Ethan, go to congress with plane tickets to Nuevo Laredo, Rio de Janeiro, tell them to come here and see for themselves whats going on because of their omission in this issue, if they come back alive their minds would be changed, Im sure of that.

  8. The US ATTY in WA said that she wanted businesses to be able tooperate within the state law.

    THe dispensaries that were closed here were the ones where the people were posting videos or images of themselves, and who were selling to unauthorized individuals. The ones that were playing by the rules have been left to stay in business.

    There are many that have survived for quite some time now. It's an industry that's not leaving, and the Obama admin knows it. It will be a delicate process.

  9. Shave the stache! Every man makes the mistake at some point. It's just a matter of admitting it to yourself.

    Otherwise, you gotta understand that Obama takes a long view on issues. He doesn't make abrupt changes, and he builds a set of supports for any move he makes in the future.

    He spent his whole first term developing policies that would be nearly impossible to attack, because they were so similar to things that had already been suggested.

  10. I'll believe its not a priority when I see it, Obama said something similar about medical cannabis in 2008, saying that busting medusers was not a priority for his administration or federal law enforcement, but he still cracked the whip on dispensaries. So he might not go after individual users, but I would be willing to bet that a few months after widespread commercial sales start he'll start cracking the whip on legal growers and sellers.He left the door wide open for that.

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