Episode 38: How Cannabis Protects Us From Cancer & Alzheimer’s: Author Clint Werner

We talk to Clint Werner, author of “Marijuana, Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us From Cancer & Alzheimer’s Disease”. Use next link to contribute to …


  1. if we would all realize how Abundant our lives are, the planet is. istead of coming from a place of Lack. we all can have everything we want w/out affecting Anybody else's Abundance. may All ur dreams come true.

  2. yup, da kine is Amazing!!!
    it will cut off oxygen to tumors. seek them out & do their thing.
    just like anything else, everything isn't for everybody. listen to ur body. I don't smoke weed nor have I taken any of the other. I'll tell you it's worth looking into. just don't bite off more than u can chew as it were.
    I Wish my Mom & Dad had access to this. they wouldn'tve suffered as they did for years, in other hands
    Mom Dad Carol U know I love u, as u do me always & forever

  3. Important information! I can't believe there's only one other comment!!! I'm going to get myself well with FECO, don't know how yet, then I'm going to devote the rest of my life to helping people get well with cannabis. Love you guys!

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