Episode 35: Cannabis Oil Saves Woman with Brain, Lung & Bone Cancer Given 4 – 6 Weeks

Two short podcasts: A woman with brain, lung and bone cancer given 4 – 6 weeks to live by doctors started taking cannabis oil and cleared herself of both brain …


  1. My mother has grade 4 brain tumor glioblastoma, she did surgery + chemotherapy + radiation and did nothing to stop it from growing back.
    She started talking cannabis oil after the doctors told us they have nothing else to do for her.
    After 3 months she was really improving and the MRI showed that the tumor shrunk by about 8 mm.
    We continued giving her cannabis oil but on a lower dosage because of the corona lock down we feared that we will run out of it and she started feeling sick again after about one to two months of lowering her dosage. We did MRI last week and the tumor grew back again by 2.3cm.
    We think no maybe its because of the dosage because the cannabis worked out the first time.
    We really hope its the reason why it grew back because the cannabis oil is really our only hope that we will get our mother back. We started giving her higher dosage again and we will give her even higher dosage gradually. Hopefully we’ll get her to take 2.5 to 3 grams per day if that would help.

  2. I had a 20 pound dog that stole and ate about 5 grams of charas hash he was stoned for almost a week. He cried stumbled drank a lot of water and slept most of the time. When he recovered he respected my space but other than that had no long-term effects.

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