Episode 247: A Conventional Doctor Turned Cannabis Consultant On The Benefits Of Cannabis

Dr. Dave Hepburn is a conventional doctor who gets it! He retired from his medical practice to become a cannabis consultant who advises patients and …


  1. My medical marijuana doctor is not an MD. She is trying to take away meds that I take for other health problems. I got off opoids (morphine/percocet) that I had been taking for 25 years. That was my goal. There are some meds that I need to take.

  2. I love what you two do. I'll let you in on another little secret. It's called Garam Masala. It doesn't taste bad but you might smell like you just got off the plane from India. I just started using it in a simple tea and from the effects I feel I believe it's very powerful stuff. Try it yourself, you'll see!

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